Jared Silver

Education is the best way to improve access to opportunity.

Technology is the best way to improve access to education.

Education technology is the best way to improve the world.


What Capuchin Monkeys Know that Engineering Leaders Don't

Mar 2021

8 min

Psychologists have long endeavored to understand what motivates people at work. Here's what capuchin monkeys have discovered that many engineering leaders have not.

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Edtech is Trapped in Ben Bloom's Basement

Jan 2018

8 min

For all Silicon Valley's talk of "disrupting" education, the current wave of education technology has been fraught with pedagogically unsound replications of the worst aspects of teaching and learning.

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The Impending Human Capital Revolution

Feb 2017

5 min

Here's how education technology will unlock the hidden talents of billions and unleash the most brilliant generation the world has ever seen.

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How Selling Too Many Plush Monkeys Got Me Banned From Amazon Forever

Sep 2016

3 min

I didn't set out to lose $587.13 selling plush monkeys, but I guess that's just the way life turns out sometimes.

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Press: Central Bucks East grad's website helps students find their new classmates

Aug 2016

4 min

I was featured in my hometown newspaper for some of my work in the field of education technology.

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Unconventional Wisdom: Jared Silver at TEDxSoleburySchool

Jun 2013

14 min

In early high school, I was invited to deliver this talk at a local TEDx event. It's very outdated now, and I would approach it very differently today.

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